Tuesday, October 17, 2006

birthday week kickoff '06

On Saturday, I went out to dinner in Ballston with a few friends. Dinner was exhausting. I barely ate. Being the perfectionist that I am, I desperately wanted for everyone to get along. I invited friends from the vastly different aspects of my life—work, old work, blog, Hokies, etc. I so wanted everyone to get along which is no easy task when there isn’t a common denominator in a large group (like work for example). Despite the fact that I should’ve created name tags for everyone that was there, I was very happy to see that everyone got along just fine. And my boss was a big hit, apparently.

I got a little goofy with the action shots but Anna was on to me!
anna's on to me

Awww…Alanna, Shama, and Wayne share a moment.
can you feel the love?

Here I am with Jesse who is so photogenic. By the way, can you believe how long my hair is?
my boo boo and me

Like I said yesterday, we followed up dinner with a trip to Bailey’s to watch the USC/Arizona State game.

Here I am again, sitting with my favorite boys, Enzo and Dave.
me and my boys

I caught Jesse spending some quality time with one of his greatest loves—beer.
beer, sweet beer

For more photos of the pre-birthday birthday fun, please click on my flickr badge in the column to the right.

It was a fun, little evening. I had a great time with my friends and I was so impressed with the turnout! I can’t believe that so many people came to help me celebrate! I heart my friends.

Coming up next on my Birthday Week ‘06 celebrations is the home-cooked meal Jesse is planning for my b-day tomorrow, followed by a full weekend of Hokie fun in Blacksburg.


Anonymous said...


I've become a faithful reader of your blog...

You and Jesse are super duper adorable together :)

Happy birthday week!


lizzie said...

Thank you, Alexis! You're so sweet to say that! And thank you for being a faithful blog peep!

Law-Rah said...

I love the one of Jesse with the beer. Too funny.

DCWeddingPhotog said...

happy birthday to the only trojan i think i'll ever like... :-)

Anonymous said...

I've also become a faithful reader of your blog. But I have to know where you got that jacket? It's so cute!


lizzie said...

law-ruh--ah yes. jesse and beer go way back!

dcweddingphotog--thank you, sweetie. i realize that is a HUGE complement coming from you.

nicky--thanks for being a faithful blog peep! and thank you for the complement. it's a halogen jacket from nordstrom's tbd section. it's probably my favorite blazer!