Monday, October 16, 2006

ESPN looks to U2 for inspiration

For whatever reason, the college football headline yesterday was “Saturday Bloody Saturday.” I don’t recall any of the games on Saturday as being an all out war, but whatevs. I would prefer that no longer look to U2 for inspiration for their headlines. If they choose to continue, I’m definitely drawing the line at “Pride (In the Name of Love).”

Here’s the Saturday college football recap:

  • Michigan State Spartans rolled over and played dead for Ohio State (sorry Dave and Enzo). Ohio State is #1 in the first week of BCS rankings. *yawn*
  • Auburn beat Florida in a closer game than the final score suggests. Florida is really good (although I was sick of hearing how good they are all week from the ESPN guys) but they had to fall sometime. It’s nearly impossible to stay undefeated in the SEC and it is arguably the toughest college football conference. I’m happy to see Auburn win because it would’ve sucked to lose two games in a row…
  • Speaking of losing two games in a row, Georgia was upset by Vanderbilt. I had no idea Vandy had a football team, although I would not be surprised if they have a better team than Duke. Good God is Duke awful. I digress…poor Georgia. What are the chances of losing to two Tennessee schools in two weeks (Tennessee and Vandy)? I’d hate to be a Bulldog right now. Speaking of Bulldogs, does anyone know why Uga (their mascot) was literally chillin’ on ice during the game? Wouldn’t that numb his paws after a while? Poor little puppy. Perhaps PETA should get on that.
  • Speaking of losing two games in a row (again), the Hokies looked awful against Boston College on Thursday. It was literally painful to watch. Luckily for me, Ugly Betty was on to provide a distraction (how great is that show?). I’m not really sure what the Hokies need to do to turn things around, but I sure hope they don’t lose to Southern Miss this weekend (especially since Jesse and I will be there).
  • Then-#4Michigan beat Penn State, despite “Super Mario” Manningham’s absence. With then-#2 Florida losing, the Wolverines shot right up to #2 in the AP Poll because…
  • USC underperformed. I’m sorry, Shell, but Arizona State is not a good football team right now. They literally have no defense. USC was up 21-0 at some point in the 2nd quarter and we were beginning to look like the USC I remember. And then, for whatever reason, we let ASU back in the game. One minute, we’re sitting pretty. The next minute John David Booty is passing to a Sun Devil. Before you know it, we’re tied at 21. What the heck. Jesse says, “A win is a win.” To be honest, we don’t look like a #2 team out there. Despite the fact that I don’t believe we’re a #2 team, it hurt me to hear the Auburn Tigers at GameDay chant, “Overrated” when the ESPN guys were talking about us (let’s not forget, Tigers, USC kicked your ass when we played you 2 years in a row not that long ago).
  • Speaking of the ESPN guys, can someone please tell me why Mark May loves USC? Since the very start of our recent college football dominance, Mark May has continuously defended us and praised us, while the other commentators (I’m looking at you Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso) hate us. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. In fact, I always look forward to Mark May’s analysis. I know he went to Pitt and played for the Redskins, but does he have some kind of USC degree he’s not telling anyone about? Did his wife go to USC? Or does he just know good football when he sees it? (I almost titled this post, “I heart Mark May” but I didn’t think Jesse would like that.)

So I decided to make college football Saturday part of my pre-birthday birthday celebration. After dinner (which I’ll blog about later), we headed over to Bailey’s and caught the game. And I finally got to meet Aesop from the excellent Trojan news blog, Fight On Forever! What a sweet guy! Gotta love the Trojan Family. Aesop came over and sat with us for a bit while we watched the game. He even told Jesse that I’m “a keeper.” *warm fuzzies*warm fuzzies*

USC is off next week, which is excellent timing since Jesse and I are going to Blacksburg for VT homecoming. Besides, my heart can’t take another close game. Hopefully USC will get it together before heading out to Corvallis to play OSU.

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