Tuesday, October 10, 2006

college football (stressed out) saturday

Sadly, another college football Saturday has come and gone. Thankfully Jesse was with me through it all and offered me a new perspective following the USC game. We spent a good portion of our day at Bailey’s, despite their crappy satellite feed which forced us to miss most of the first half of the USC game. Afterwards, we kicked it over at Carpool where we watched a little bit of the night games.

Here’s the recap:

  • Ohio State killed Bowling Green. *yawn*
  • Auburn finally lost. I have mixed feelings about this. I know that I’ve been saying all season that I just know that Auburn’s going to lose and that I couldn’t wait for USC to be #2 in both polls (AP and Coaches’). On the one hand, I just love being right. Auburn didn’t look strong against South Carolina and the Tigers were definitely headed to Upsetville at some point. I’m glad they lost to Arkansas, a team that USC easily beat to start the season. On the other hand, I’m not so sure that USC has earned a #2 ranking (see bullet on USC below). If only there was another team that could be #2…
  • Florida made the LSU Tigers look like kittens. They looked awesome out there…well, once Chris Leak was replaced by freshman Tim Tebow. The Gators blew holes through the Tigers’ defense and capitalized on all of LSU’s mistakes. The Gators were clearly the superior team and they earned their #2 ranking in the AP Poll.
  • Michigan did well against Michigan State. I wasn’t surprised. The Spartans have had a history of choking this season and only some of them showed up to play on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Wolverines are looking pretty good. They’ve got Penn State next.
  • The Pac-10 showdown that wasn’t—Cal vs. Oregon. Cal looked so good that Oregon was never in this game. I haven’t really been too worried about facing Oregon this season, but now I’m really scared to play Cal. Good thing USC plays Cal at home because we’re going to need every advantage we can get, especially considering how we’ve been playing this year. Also, Cal’s defense against the rush hasn’t been so great, so that’s a weakness USC could exploit.
  • Notre Dame let Stanford score twice on their way to victory over the Cardinal. That says a lot about the Irish defense.
  • USC wins another nailbiter, this time against Washington. Ok, ok. I get it. So we’re not the explosive team we once were. But I am so over the close games. I was emotionally drained following the game and I’m not sure my heart can take another close one. Once again, our offense just couldn’t get the job done. We must’ve been in the red zone a bunch of times and only managed field goals. I’ve got to hand it to our defense though. They really came through during some tense moments. However, we’re still a young team and it definitely showed with all the penalties we got. With all the players we’ve got coming back from injury next year, we’ll definitely be the team to beat. As far as this year goes, I’m not so sure.
Jesse and his friends called me “spoiled” on Saturday. He and his fellow Hokies had just experienced a loss last week and they couldn’t believe how stressed out I was about the USC game, considering we still won. I have to admit, I may be spoiled by USC’s lil run recently. But Jesse had to remind me that a win is a win and no matter how you look at it, USC is still 5-0.

I know that it’s only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to next Saturday. I’ve incorporated college football into my after-birthday-dinner plans! This year, I have only one wish—for USC to win big against Arizona State. I think we can do it.

Side note: I am totally aware that I am one day late on this post. I'm so sorry! That Columbus Day holiday has really thrown me off!

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