Monday, October 16, 2006

self-pampering gone awry

This Saturday was my pre-birthday birthday celebration, or what I like to call the Birthday Week Kick-Off. On Friday, I decided to treat myself to a spa visit for the works in preparation for Saturday’s activities.

I did two things to prepare for this. One—I grew out my eyebrows. Yes, that’s right. I walked around with bushy eyebrows for over a month. The last time I had them waxed, the person who did them waxed off just a bit too much. I didn’t have that perpetually surprised look on my face, but the eyebrows were just too thin for my liking. I have read in multiple magazines that are the authorities on such things (i.e. Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmo, In Style) that thicker eyebrows are back. Not only did I breathe a sigh of relief when I first read this, but I was also more than too happy to follow this trend.

Two—I grew out my fingernails. I very rarely do this. I keep my nails short because I can type faster with stubby fingers than with stubby fingers and nails out to here! For the last week or so, my typing had slowed considerably and I was frustrated. But I was so close to that spa day! I really wanted a manicure for my birthday. It’s something I so rarely do for myself. So, I endured my crappy typing for just a little while longer.

At the salon, I checked in, and headed over to pick my nail polish color. I picked OPI’s Chick Flick Cherry (I just love the cute names of OPI’s nail colors) and I was instructed to sit down at a station. My manicurist showed up, barely greeted me and stayed silent for most of the procedure. She spoke up only once. While primping my nails for the color, she asked mockingly, “Do you chew your cuticles?” I was surprised by this suggestion. I do nothing with my cuticles which explains why they look the way they do. But chew them I do not. I don’t even chew my fingernails (anymore). I replied, “Excuse me” just in case I didn’t hear her correctly. She repeated herself and I sat there and didn’t reply. I was confused. How exactly does one chew their cuticles?

Despite that fact that I am still pondering this question, I had a good time at the spa. If you’re feeling the urge to pamper yourself this week, I highly recommend that you check out the DC Spa Week festivities. If you’re not familiar with spa week, participating spas offer select services for only $50! This runs from your typical mani-pedi to facials to massages, so I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

Happy pampering!

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