Sunday, October 15, 2006

the return of roo roos

I am actually a week behind on this post, so I apologize. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Roo Roos, who was visiting from Philly. Dave decided that we would all have dinner and drinks at Guajillo, which I found out is really, really good. I highly recommend it for authentic Mexican. Being Mexican myself, I find that it is so hard to get real, good Mexican in this area. After all of these years here, I think I have finally found it.

margarita happy
Here are Enzo, Jenn, and Dave, sitting pretty after having a few drinks.

me and roo roos
Here I am with Roo Roos. We had just finished our enchiladas de mole and they were delish!

my boys
Here I am, sandwiched between two sweet boys!

Tomorrow, I'll blog about my action-packed weekend...a little spa treat to myself, a birthday dinner in honor of me, and college football (of course).

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