Monday, June 11, 2007

how saturday became the best pre-anniversary/gay reunion EVER

Remember my bitchy post on Friday? The one where I whined and whined about how Jesse and I would need to share our pre-anniversary celebration with his friend’s birthday? Well, turns out Saturday ended up being all about us (and all of my favorite gays).

We met up with my boys Dave and Enzo for pre-parade food and drinks. We were in the mood for the margaritas so we dined at La Frontera on 17th on the patio. Unfortunately, we were not seated under an umbrella, so we were melting as quickly as the ice in our margarita pitchers. After lunner (lunch + dinner), we claimed a spot to watch the parade. Soon after, we were visited by my favorite party gay, Jason (the friend that brought Jesse and me together), and we settled down to watch the parade.

Jason, Jesse, and me…reminiscing on that fateful day 3 years ago
jason, me, and jesse

Mayor Fenty shows his love for the gays (random photog got in the way of my shot)
the major makes an appearance

The be bar school bus seemed to be a popular hangout
be bar's school bus

The Freddie’s Beach Bar float was soaking the crowd.
freddie's beach bar's float

Support from the PFLAG-ers makes my eyes teary every year
PFLAG represents

The Remington’s boys are always a crowd fave.
remington's 1

The Results Gym float celebrated the upcoming opening of their new location on Connecticut and L St.
results float 3

How cute are the Zipcar peeps?
zipcar is gay friendly

Speaking of cute peeps…here are Jason and Jesse…
jason and my boo

And my boys, cuties Dave and Enzo
me and my boys

Finally, to wrap up my gay reunion, here I am with my boo, Rene, who finally got to meet Jesse
rene and me

Three years later and we’re right back where we started…
3 years later back where it all started
AND he still gives me butterflies!

We didn’t quite make it to the birthday party (which had a little something to do with my tripping on the sidewalk and scraping up my leg pretty bad). Instead, Jesse and I went home and he bandaged me up and took care of me.

Even though I’m still in some pain because of that fall, it was still the most fun I’ve had at the Pride Parade since I met Jesse.

For the full set of pics from Pride, please check out my flickr page.


Shell said...

You, fell? at an event? That is so random of you. Totally not your style. I mean come on, it's not even 4th of July yet ;)

Gunfighter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today...

I'll be back!

sunchaser said...

Cute pics! :)

Glad you had fun!

Madame M. said...

This entry gets an official Three "Aww!"s and a "Coot!"

Congratulations! :o)

lizzie said...

shell--woe is me. yes, i fell again. at least this time i didn't sprain my ankle so i'm getting better at this whole falling thing.

besides it's not my fault. that crack in the sidewalk just came out of nowhere.

gunfighter--thanks for visiting me! i really do hope you come back!

sunchaser--thanks. the pride parade was SO much fun.

madame m--wow, i got three whole "aww"s? i am honored! thank you!