Friday, August 10, 2007

friday brain dump: 8 random things edition

Poker player extraordinaire Beakerz from A ‘Feel Good’ Production was kind enough to tag me on the 8 random things about you meme (and he managed to get recognized on DC Blogs today congrats are in order). Nothing like a little randomness to add some excitement to the day…

  • My most popular post this week was the TMI post probably because it featured the words “sex” and “foreplay” in the post. For those of you who didn’t read it, the post was not about sex or foreplay. And because I know that you’re curious, the 1st and 3rd quotes at the beginning of the post were real (but the quotees will remain anon). I made up the second one. Hey, if you can’t talk about sex with your friends, then whom can you talk about sex with?
  • Yes, I said ‘whom’ and, yes, it is the proper way of using ‘whom.’ I was an English major in college, ok? It drives me crazy when I post something that has a grammatical or typographical error in it. Before you get on my case about not being grammatically correct, as a blogger I reserve the right to get creative with my punctuation when I’m making a point.
  • So, how much does this weather suck? Every time I walk outside, I feel as though I’m going to melt away. I can almost feel the liquification of my organs. After the gym on Wednesday, I began to feel like Linda Hamilton’s character in that dream sequence in Terminator 2. You know the one with the nuclear holocaust which precedes the arrival of the robotic terminators that will soon take over the Earth? You know the scene where Linda Hamilton is holding on to the chain link fence and then becomes a skeleton? Yeah, that’s how I felt this week. I was waiting for the moment that I would become a pile of bones with a pile of liquified organs right next to it.
  • I still miss home and this weather isn’t really helping.
  • If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I get a little sports-centric around college football season. And yes, folks, that time is nearly upon us. And if you happen to be looking forward to my sports-related rantings and ravings, you might be happy to know that I have started a new blog just for you! The blog is tentatively titled, I Heart Mark May—College Football from a Trojan Chick’s Perspective and can be found here. I’ve only got one post so far (I’ve got tons of posts in my head) but the posting will become more frequent as the season gets closer (yeah, I really need to get a move on with the posting).
  • Speaking of college football starting…who here is going to the VA Tech/ECU game? I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome, especially with ESPN GameDay being there and all. God I love college football. I’ve been waiting forever for the season to start. My counter is on the right if you don’t believe me.
  • Speaking of college football again, the USC Trojans are the pre-season #1. Woo Hoo! Let the hating begin! Actually, I don’t appreciate the big bulls-eye target the team has because of this ranking, but I know my boys will make me proud. *tear*
  • I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. However, Jesse feels that we need to do some late summer cleaning of the condo. Boo. I hate cleaning. Especially when the cleaning falls on a day off from work. Especially when there are such great movies out there that I want to see, such as The Simpsons and Bourne 3 (oooh…look at me adding a period to this incomplete sentence).
Well, blog peeps, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Go out and have some fun for me since I will be locked indoors playing housemaid all weekend (maybe I should get the little maid’s outfit to spice things up…and perhaps distract Jesse from getting any cleaning done). See ya peeps on Monday!


Madame M. said...

Holy crap girl! Sports-obsessed much?

Thank goodness today is much cooler huh? And thank you for your sweet compliment on my weather entry. :o)

Have a good weekend!!

sunchaser said...

"before you get on my case about not being grammatically correct, as a blogger I reserve the right to get creative with my punctuation when I’m making a point."

I think you reserve to edit a blogpost post-publication too (for grammar/spelling/other). If you think about it, newspaper journalists' pieces must get reviewed & edited umpteen times prior to publication, and how many people have time to do that with their blogposts?

Hating the weather there? Try being in Florida in August. :p (humidity 300%) I did meet some cool new people though! :)

lizzie said...

madame--thanks! hope your weekend was awesome!

sunchaser--perhaps florida would be my hell on earth even though i still consider this place to be. at least it's a little less humid today.