Friday, September 28, 2007

friday brain dump: boob tube edition

  • Project Runway is back, starting November 14th! Woo hoo! I’m so excited.
  • Speaking of Project Runway, I heart Tim Gunn and I love his makeover show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. However, I’m just not feeling his co-host, model Veronica Webb. Where Tim Gunn exudes warmth and kindness, Veronica is a little cold and almost unfeeling. Every episode I’ve seen has involved Tim getting all emotional and sometimes teary, while Veronica looks on stoically. Lighten up, V Webb.
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  • I swear that I do watch shows about stuff other than fashion, but I’m kinda not digging the new season of America’s Next Top Model. Why are all of the other girls picking on the one girl with a disability? Heather, whose social awkwardness can be attributed to her Asperger’s Syndrome, has been picked on and ostracized without merit on the show. She’s not my favorite—I personally like Lisa, the exotic dancer—but I’m pulling for her.

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  • Did you watch Ugly Betty last night? (if you didn't, move on to next bullet) How sad was it when Hilda ‘spent’ the whole episode with her fiancé, Santos (who was shot and presumably dead in last season’s finale), only to find out that it was a figment of her imagination! I seriously thought that maybe Santos had made it. And that scene where she is clutching a pillow instead of Santos almost made me cry. Why did the season premiere have to be so depressing?

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  • My knowledge of celebrity gossip and my college football fandom collided last weekend. Take a listen:

  • The Hills is my little guilty pleasure. However, it’s so disappointing to see LC and Audrina go after the wrong guys. Sure, it’s never fun to see an ex get engaged or anything, but this is Jason for crying outloud. This the same Jason who cheated on LC with his ex, Jessica, and the denied it even though MTV had taped the whole thing. The same Jason that LC gave up a job in Paris for. The same Jason who was in rehab for substance abuse and has been arrested countless times. Let it go, Lauren. He’s some other girl’s problem now.
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  • Oh and Audrina? 1990 called and wants all of Justin/Bobby’s flannel shirts back.
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Ok, peeps, I’m outties. Have an awesome weekend and I’ll see ya’ll on Monday.

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sunchaser said...

Sorry, I haven't seen any of those shows. I actually haven't watched much TV in quite awhile.

I hate having to sit through the commercials so much (because they usually are pretty dumb) and whenever I do watch now, it just makes me glad that to not be paying for cable!

I do get movies via Netflix/ Blockbuster. Just saw Casino Royale, and loved Judie Dench, but the rest was kind of disappointing. If you like Daniel Craig, watch "Layer Cake": IMHO, smarter lines, more interesting story, less predictable, etc.