Monday, October 1, 2007

college football recap: LSU sucks edition

Now that I’ve got your attention, Tiger fans, please read this post until the very end. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

Today's blog post is after the football recap.

First off, it was Separation Week last week in college football. Here’s the recap:

  • Ok, USF. We get it now. You’re actually pretty decent. Going up against a Mountaineer team known for their offense, the Bulls of South Florida came out and set the tone for Separation Weekend by beating previously-#5-WVU, 21-13. This game wasn’t pretty for either team, as both teams combined for 10 turnovers, but a win is a win, isn’t it, Oklahoma?
  • Ah...speaking of Oklahoma, last week, I asked someone to wake me when they played someone actually deserving a mention—Texas. Luckily, I was awake to see Oklahoma get upset by the Buffs of Colorado on a last minute field goal. Looks like someone was caught looking ahead...
  • Speaking of getting caught looking ahead, previously-#4-Florida lost to unranked Auburn on a last minute field goal, 20-17. Auburn led for much of the game before Florida began a comeback (led by QB Tim Tebow) that tied the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as Auburn’s defense found an answer to Florida’s typically unstoppable offense. The Tigers held the Gators to just over 300 yards of offense, which is low for Florida. Like, really low.
  • In a game that I got a sick pleasure watching, Kansas State beat Texas in Texas, 41-21! Woo hoo! And for the second year in a row. And it wasn’t even close! The Wildcats figuratively knocked out Texas QB Colt McCoy for a second straight year (last year was a literal knock out) with 4 interceptions. Say goodbye to the Top Ten, Longhorns.
  • I don't even really need to say this, but I really enjoy doing so: Notre Lame lost yet again.
  • The PAC-10 rules and they proved it yet again in a game for the ages between Cal and Oregon (Cal won, 31-24). Cal, who hadn’t won in Oregon in who knows how long, came in and kept pace with the Ducks for the entire game. Neither team is known for their defense, so I figured that this game might be a shoot out. But it wasn’t. Cal did force a couple of turnovers, but that wasn’t even the deciding factor. In fact, if Duck Cameron Colvin hadn’t fumbled a touchdown in the end zone in the waning seconds of the game, the game might’ve had a different outcome. And that’s what made it so awesome. The Trojans are definitely going to have to be on their toes when they visit Eugene at the end of October.
  • Speaking of Trojans, I was not pleased with the game. In fact, I am so upset with my team that I had to write a whole separate post. You can find it here: ahh, it feels good to be #2 at my college football blog i heart mark may (a little shameless self promotion).
  • I finally got to see Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor start for the Hokies (I saw him play against LSU, but he didn't start the game) and I was generally impressed. This kid can actually move! Taylor ran for a couple of gains during the game and every time he ran away from the UNC defense, I thought, Glennon would’ve just gotten sacked. I’m looking forward to seeing some consistently good play from Taylor (he’s just a freshman, after all). The Hokies predictably beat the Tar Heels, 17-10.

Up next for the Hokies, an ACC powerhouse match up with Clemson. Next week, USC has a scrimmage against Stanford.


This weekend, I got to spend some time with Jesse’s long time friend, JS. Jesse and JS grew up together, went to high school together, and ended up going to Tech together. JS is a very kind, unassuming guy and has always been really nice to me.

So when I found out what happened to him recently, I got really, really angry.

JS went to the LSU/Virginia Tech game several weekends ago just as Jesse and I had, except JS hung out with a different group. As you know, Jesse and I spent all day that Saturday among the Tiger fans, most of whom were really nice and gracious. Honestly, I was very impressed with how welcoming they were. I left Baton Rouge with a generally good impression of the LSU fans.

Jesse and I didn’t see JS until the game that night, where we hung out for a bit. This Saturday was the first time I had seen JS since that weekend.

While watching the USC game, JS told Jesse about his experience in Baton Rouge. It wasn’t so positive. Why? Well, a Tiger fan came up to JS, who was clearly in Virginia Tech garb, and told JS that he looked like Seung-Hui Cho, the person behind the shootings at Tech last April.

JS is Chinese.

There are several things that are wrong with this statement. First off, I don’t care how drunk you are, it will never, EVER be ok to joke about the shootings at Tech. NEVER. If one has any tact, one should know never to joke about an unfortunate incident. And why anyone would joke about it is beyond my comprehension. This was an unfortunate event with far-reaching effects. His comment was incredibly insensitive and inappropriate.

Now, let me tell you what really pisses me off about this comment. Cho was Korean. Does Mr. Insensitive Tiger Fan think all Asians look alike? Guess what, jack ass. The Chinese and Koreans don’t look alike. JS looks nothing like Cho. And if you’re that ignorant, keep your mouth shut until you learn something.

It disturbs me that JS would encounter such blatant racism in an institution of higher learning. Colleges and universities are supposed to encourage open dialogue to increase understanding.

But if you have nothing intelligent to contribute, get the hell out and leave my friends alone.


J Fitty said...

If Taylor could pass 1/2 as good as Glennon can, VT actually may be good. Unfortunately, I can see VT losing 3 or 4 games coming down the stretch, starting with this weekend in Death Valley.

sunchaser said...

"But if you have nothing intelligent to contribute, get the hell out and leave my friends alone."

Yay for you! :)

And here's another great quote for ya:

"Arrogance and self awareness rarely go hand and hand." (so said by "M" to 007)

Truer words couldn't be uttered, (because pride doesn't always necessitate a fall, IMHO)