Thursday, September 27, 2007

my biological clock is back and ticking!

I received something in the mail this week that I had never, ever received before in my life—an invitation for a baby shower. Oh lordy. I’ve entered a whole new phase in my life. The one where I am constantly invited to baby showers, just like I am constantly invited to weddings (just to clarify, only two of my friends have gotten married; all of the other wedding invites are Jesse’s). The problem is that I had just entered the every-month-there’s-a-new-wedding-to-go-to phase in my life. It’s simply too soon to enter the every-month-there’s-a-new-baby-shower-to-go-to phase. I’m still not used to going to all of these weddings.

I’m not being unsupportive. None of my friends from Cali have babies, so I’m new to this whole baby shower thing. And honestly, I just think I would be very uncomfortable at a baby shower. The mother-to-be’s friends happen to be kinda...stuffy...and older than me (my friend, the mother-to-be, is older than me, but not by much). Still, a little discomfort isn’t enough to keep me from supporting and celebrating my friend’s impending motherhood. Sadly, on the day of the shower, I will be in Cali celebrating my b-day so I cannot attend.

(TOTAL ASIDE: I don't see my friend as often as I would like, but I've seen her at various points in her pregnancy. It seems that every time I've seen her, her belly has exponentially grown in size. And it is simply the cutest thing. My friend is absolutely more radiant every time I see her. I've never seen her this happy. She's going to be a great mom.)

However, I got really excited about shopping for my friend’s baby. Sure, I get excited over any kind of shopping, but baby clothes are especially cute. So I checked out my friend’s baby registry online and got to work. My friend and her husband had picked out so many cute things—baby bottles, sippy cups, adorable little onesies, and blankets--all blue, of course, for their little baby boy who is due to make his appearance around Thanksgiving Day. And suddenly, my biological clock started ticking again.

Tick, tock. (long pause) Tick, tock.

Ooh. Hadn’t heard that in a long while.

I realized that I wanted it. I wanted all of the baby registry stuff for myself. It was all so cute and adorable. And the thought of going window shopping only to have other people buy me the stuff that I want excited me. Gift registries are so awesome! So while I’m shopping for my friend, I could still hear it—tick, tock.

I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop and shopping online when Jesse comes over to sit next to me. As he approaches the couch, I blurt out, “I want to have a baby!” My always calm, cool, and collected boo paused for a second. I’m sure he was thinking, How can I respond and not freak out at the same time? He quickly composed himself and asked, “Umm...why?” I happily answered, “Look at all of these cute things. I want them all! I wanna have a baby so I can go shopping!” Clearly, I shouldn’t be having a child right now if that’s why I want to have one. Jesse breathed a sigh of relief in his head. He looked at me with a sweetly patronizing look on his face and said, “Oh Lizzie.”

Unfortunately, this baby shower has revived my biological clock.


Uh oh.

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Madame M. said...

You watch out: that bio clock is a little slutty and it always pounces on you when you really would like to be left alone.



It was my friend's bio clock.