Monday, April 21, 2008

meow, meow, hiss, hiss, snuggle, snuggle

The conversation started innocently enough and rather out-of-the-blue.

: Why do you love Nicky more than me?

This is Nicky, in case you don't know:
nicky peeps his head out

Yes, he's a cat. My boyfriend of nearly 4 years whom I love dearly is asking me if I love the cat more than him. Yet, strangely, I hesitate.

Liz: Don't be silly. It's a different kind of love. The way I love you is not the same way I love Nicky.
Jesse: It just seems that you're more happy to see him than me and you hardly ever pay attention to me any more.
:'s not like that. I'm happy to see the two of you. I love you both and you both make me very happy.
Jesse: Oh, ok. *goes in for the smooch*
Liz: *smooches back*

Phew. I sure dodged that bullet. :)

The truth is I have plenty of love to go around. So much so that we've added another little kitty to our family. And now for her blog debut...

Blog peeps, meet Gracie!
night, night, gracie

We got her yesterday from a local rescue. They named her Gracie (probably because she's gray, although the techinical term is Russian Blue) and we're not sure if we want to keep it that way, but we haven't thought of other names. Feel free to pass along any suggestions.

So far Gracie's a sweetheart...well to her new parents that is. She's not so nice to her new brother, Dominick. Every encounter between them has involved friendly curiosity from his part and a hiss on her part. Hopefully this won't last much longer.

This morning, Gracie did everything possible to keep me from getting ready to go to work. She played with my flat iron cord until I decided that it would be a waste of time to flat iron (hey Cali peeps, it's raining buckets here). She kept on getting into the sink when I was brushing my teeth. And she laid down outside of the bedroom right next to the door. Which normally would be fine, but considering Dominick was on the other side and he was crying because he wanted to play with her, I thought that was a little prissy of her. She's quite the little diva already.

Hopefully they'll play together nicely this afternoon. Cross your fingers!


Anonymous said...

Gracie is my dog's name. And coincidentally I had a cat who was a russian blue and looked exactly like your cat (he died about two years ago). So by that misplaced logic I say keep her name Gracie. Dont worry about the hissing -they'll get used to each other. ~erika

instatick said...

Aw! Gracie is beautiful! Hopefully her and Nicki will be best friends before too long.

lizzie said...

erika--hmmm...sounds fate-ish to keep her name. we're definitely leaning in that direction now. it's either 'gracie' or 'diva'. she certainly acts like a diva sometimes so that might be appropriate. but 'gracie' matches her sweet disposition.

as far as the hissing goes, yesterday was our first hiss free day! woo hoo!

instatick--thank you. i really hope so. this animosity and having to keep them apart really sucks.