Tuesday, April 8, 2008

an OC girl living in denver?

I've been in Denver for the last few days, finally getting back into
town yesterday. It was a whirlwind trip with lots of stuff to do and
see. Jesse, who gets sent to Denver frequently for work, asked me to
meet him there on his latest work trip so that he could show me
around. He's really enjoyed the Denver metropolitan area and was
excited to show me all the cool stuff.

Little did I know that Jesse was trying to convince me to move there
with him someday. Jesse, who has lived in various parts of the state
of Virginia his whole life, is kinda over living here and wants to try
something new. Me? Well, I've already been there, done that when I
moved here from Cali. Although we don't anticipate moving there any
time soon (we're going to wait until we can sell the condo and not
lose any money on it), I'm not entirely opposed to it. It's a nice
city. The views are awesome. And apparently the cost of living is
way cheaper than here (but then again, so are a lot of other places).

But if I'm going to move West, I might as well move back to Cali.

We'll see. Anything can happen and I want to keep an open mind about it.

And now, scenes from Denver:

We went to the Rockies' opening day at Coors Field
pre game at coors field

me, jesse, and the foul pole at coors field

opening day

opening day, coors field

We also went to Roosevelt National Forest and Estes Park
roosevelt national forest

roosevelt national forest

big horned sheep

And we went to RoMo (what the National Park Service calls Rocky
Mountain National Park)


panoramic of the view from trail ridge road

elks at RoMo

there's a lake under all of that snow and ice:
bear lake at RoMo

And we went up Lookout Mountain and saw Buffalo Bill's grave
the view from lookout mountain

buffalo bill's grave

And we went to Red Rocks
the stage at red rocks

red rocks

And we saw fossils at Dinosaur Ridge

All in all, Denver was nice. And as much as I talk about how I hate
DC sometimes, I can't imagine leaving it now. I finally found a job
that is perfect for me. It took me so long to find it. And I can't
imagine walking away from it any time soon (unless we run out of
funding, in which case, I have no choice but to leave).

So maybe someday, Denver. But not now. Or soon. I'm not done with DC yet.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

I love Denver - great city.........

WordNerd said...

Colorado's a beautiful state -- it's where the BF and I will move after we're tired of DC. However, we're looking at Fort Collins or Grand Junction. DC's great, but it doesn't hold a candle to those mountains. :) Great pictures!

Mme. Meow said...

Looks pretty but boo-hiss! You're OC in DC!

(plus... you hate winter!)