Monday, December 15, 2008

is your boyfriend going to propose over the holidays? well, The Knot knows, of course!

I'm not going to lie. I've got proposals on the brain...well, that is whenever I'm not freaking out about all the work I have to get done before I go on vacay (honestly, that means I don't have much time to be daydreaming about proposals).

So when I read this article from The Knot about proposals (through another blog I read. I swear I've never been to, I had to check it out. Just out of curiosity, of course. And for blogging research purposes.

I swear.

Anyhoo, according to The Knot, these are the 7 tell-tale signs your boo is going to propose.

1. He's Growing out of His Bachelor Ways
Hmmm...I don't remember Jesse ever being a hanging-out-with-the-boys-neglecting-my-girls'-needs kind of guy. In fact, I think he's found a perfect balance between spending time with me and hanging out with friends. I feel more than comfortable with his hanging out with the boys, as long as some skanky chick doesn't come over and flirt with him (but that has nothing to do with his friends). So...umm...FAIL.

2. He's Redecorating
According to The Knot, this means that your man has gotten rid of those "college posters and Star Wars memorabilia." The only things Jesse is crazy about collecting is sports-related memorabilia and seeing as that I love sports too, I certainly don't want him to toss those out. Also, we decorated the condo together. Again, FAIL.

3. He's Curbing Big Purchases
The Knot asks, Has your boyfriend gone from big spender to scrooge? Jesse's always been responsible with his finances so he's never been a big spender. FAIL.

4. He's Not Complaining About Weddings
This is a direct quote: While at a wedding together, it's more than just the usual eagerness for an open bar. He's not cracking jokes during the vow exchange — he's commenting on the couple's first-dance song choice and the meal selection. Take it as a sign that he's paying attention to all things wedding-related because matrimony is on his mind.

Ummm...the eagerness for an open bar at a wedding never goes away. And who jokes about the vows? FAIL.

5. He's Taken an Interest in Your Jewelry
Jesse has given me all of my major jewelry acquisitions from the last four years. He already knows what I like (it starts with a T and ends in a Y and comes in a pretty blue box). FAIL.

6. He Wants to Meet the Parents
Been there, done that within a year of dating. FAIL.

7. He's Acting out of Character
If anything, he has gotten cuddlier in the last couple of weeks but then again my stress level has increased in the past couple of weeks so I think the increased cuddling is due to my increase in stress (cuddling and other things related to cuddling that sometimes follow the cuddling are excellent stress relievers). So FAIL.

Ok, so The Knot has failed, big time. Either that or I'm just weird, which is highly likely.

But then again, would I trust a website to predict whether my boyfriend is going to propose?


I may or may not have taken a trip to Tiffany with Jesse on Saturday. Rings may or may not have been perused. I cannot confirm nor deny at this time whether rings were tried on.


Yes, the blog post title is sarcastic.


Zandria said...

I don't think I'd call those things "FAIL." It sounds like you guys are doing a pretty good job of getting along already...he wasn't in need of change! :)

Lexiloo said...

hehe, I saw thar article too, and found it amusing....not sure how accurate I'd call it :)

my fingers are crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I may end up putting my foot in my mouth, but I gotta say that at least for me, The Knot was pretty damn accurate.

I hope you get your robin's egg blue box for Christmas!

Zipcode said...

let me just forwarn you about the knot - stay out of the chat areas and the message boards. Very toxic anti brides and bridezillas - I met some pyscho people off there - I have plenty of stories of weddings being sabotaged, people cancelling peoples dates, etc -- DO NOT USE THAT SITE FOR ANYTHING........

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Knot can definitely suck you in and eat your soul. There just seemes to be a certain amount of bride hysteria on their message boards that freaked me out. But ring shopping - AWESOME!

Beth Barnett Boebel said...

It sounds like the knot test came right out of a great Kate Hudson chick flick. My goodness does any of that happen in real life?