Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what a girl wants, what a girl needs*

A couple of weeks ago, my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Apparently, a couple of people in my family had been inquiring and honestly, I really hadn't given it too much thought. I mean, yeah, there's the big Christmas wish that my family just can't get me (hint, it involves a boy and kneeling, jewelry optional). And then there's everything else. I don't really need anything. But I've finally figured out what I want.

The guy behind ¡Ask a Mexican! just published another book which I simply must have! I've blogged about how awesome Gustavo Arellano is before (for those of you who haven't been reading long) and you MUST check out his weekly column for snark and smarts about racism and immigration issues. It is appropriately titled "Orange County: A Personal History"
image courtesy of

And I REALLY want it (and it's only $17 on Amazon!)

Also, I'm dying for a leopard print bag, but not one that looks cheesy. I kinda want a classy looking one. Like this one:
Steve Madden bag image courtesy of

The print isn't all over and at $185, it is way cheaper than the Michael Kors bag just like it (but way overpriced for a Steve Madden bag)

Alrighties, I'm done. That's all I want for Christmas.


Well, I'm not going to lie.  It would be nice to get this:

Or this:

It's probably not going to happen, so I'm just saying.  Still, they are pretty to look at.

Honestly, all I really want for Christmas is to hear those four little words...

* Thank you, Christina Aguilera, for providing today's blog post title.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those rings!

Lexiloo said...

I love and adore that bag! I'd also like the boy down on one knee...

I also have a puppy on my list :)

anOCgirl said...

instatick: ha! me too! *sigh* a girl can dream...

lexiloo: yay, puppy! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you (for a puppy and a boy on bended knee)!