Thursday, March 5, 2009

dc councilwoman wants to leave city in the dark, let crime run rampant

So, I'm sitting in the chair of doom at the dentist this morning and I'm trying SO hard to pay attention to the TV screen on the wall so I could ignore the pain I'm feeling. Fortunately for me, not long after my dentist started doing her thing, the following story was being reported on ABC 7:

D.C. Councilwoman Introduces Legislation to Dim Street Lights

Before I rushed to judgment, I just wanted to know what this was all about. Apparently, it's about "the view of the natural beauty of the night sky". And maybe the environment. Oh and don't forget the cost savings.

Councilwoman Cheh, with all due respect, should you really be thinking about how you can't see the stars at night when you're a DC resident?  I love Earth and I hope it exists for a long time, but there are a bunch of other things you should be creating effective legislation for. You know, like the homelessness problem we have or the HIV epidemic or THE CRIME. Crime will increase if the lights are dimmed or whatever ridiculous thing you want to do them.

Here's the thing. I'm not be a city resident, but I work here. And that man who was shot in Columbia Heights recently was shot at 7:30 pm, shortly after they stopped turning on the 'light towers' that were put in place after the last shooting. You know what time I leave work? 8 PM (3 days out of the week). Where do I work? Columbia Heights. So those light towers that actually really lit up the intersection where all of this crime is happening? They were useful. Light = less crime.

If you want to see stars, move to Virginia. They are lovely out there.


Zandria said...

I don't think dimming lights is a good idea, either -- especially not in districts that already have higher crime rates. Crazy people...

Anonymous said...

What a dumb idea. I mean it's pretty easy to see that more darkness is a major metro area = more danger and crime.