Wednesday, April 22, 2009

weirdest consequence of the patriot act EVER

Jesse went to last night’s Nationals game (by the way, it figures that the one game I decide not to go to is the one game they happen to win) and had an interesting conversation with one of the concession stand employees.

It went a little something like this:

Jesse ordered a bottle of water. Concession stand employee (CSE) takes the payment and then gives Jesse the bottle. Jesse pauses.

Jesse: Um, aren’t you supposed to take the bottle cap off?

CSE: Oh. Oh yeah.

CSE takes the bottle back and removes cap.

Jesse: Hey, why do you take the bottle caps anyway?

CSE (with a straight face): Man, it’s because of the Patriot Act. You see, people make missiles and bombs with these things.

Jesse (confused): Huh. Ok.

Later, after Jesse tells me his story I tell him that I’m pretty sure they take the caps off of bottles at sporting events because throwing a bottle full of liquid at someone would hurt way more than throwing an empty plastic bottle at someone.

But what do I know?  It's not like I'm some undercover employee for DHS working a night job at Nationals Stadium.


Zipcode said...

umm seriously you don't believe that right?

thats complete horsecrap

anOCgirl said...

NO, SILLY. of course not. if that were true, this country would stop selling bottled beverages.

instatick said...


bittersweetm said...

That's hilarious, and just awesome. I've always wanted to give a ridiculous story when people asked me why I took the caps off while working games in College.

It's done because people throw the caps itself, which can cause "bodily harm" and "chaos" during a game. It's ridiculous, but oh well.