Monday, May 14, 2007

metro bus driver drama continues...

Last Friday night started out perfectly pleasant. My friend Jackie, fresh from her Naples, Fl wedding on the beach, hosted a happy hour (with her new husband) at the 4 P’s in Cleveland Park on Friday. From there, Jesse and I went down to Chinatown for dinner at Matchbox (love that place) and a movie with friends (finally saw Spiderman 3—my reaction is ‘meh’).

Jesse and I were holding hands as we were walking to the movie theater. While in front of Urban Outfitters, I laughed heartily at something he said and looked away from him for split second. I turned to the oncoming crowd of people that were walking in the opposite direction and someone caught my eye. The guy looked familiar but it was dark and I initially didn’t get a good look. So I did a double take. As this person was walking under the street light I was able to get a look as clear as day. It was my bus driver!!! On a date!

As Jesse and I passed by him, he gave me a smug little smile. Ugh. Yuck.

I told Jesse that was the bus driver who hit on me and he was not too pleased about seeing him on the street. Me? I was wishing that I had gotten a good look at the girl he was with.

I bet you he met her on my bus route.


sunchaser said...

That town is entirely too small!

And you have to wonder what gives him cause to be so smug? Is it just me, or is picking up girls from your bus route somewhat pathetic/laughable?

Beakerz said...

I don't know if the town is too small, but that's really funny. and yet,I feel a bit creeped out too.

eh. I guess even grocery store clerks have lives outside of work, right?

sunchaser said...

Point taken about the grocery store clerks. There's just something about his modus operandi that seems ridiculous to me.

sunchaser said...

I thought about this some more, and maybe it's whole the concept that dating your clients (while they're still clients) is never a great idea (especially in the volume that the bus driver apparently is).

If he asks someone out, and they don't want to go out with him, they may feel somewhat uncomfortable every time they take the bus. Why should anyone be subjected to that?

I'm sure that there's an unwritten "bus driver code of ethics" about this sort of thing..

Golden Silence said...

I just reported a Metro employee for hitting on me when I was exiting a train station ("I'd like to get wit' dat," he said, while pointing at me). On an anti-street harassment list serv I used to be on I read that another Metro employee pointed at a pregnant woman and said "pregnant p**** is the best p****." A lot of these Metro employees may learn how to work a train or bus, but never learn to leave women alone.

I don't know if your situation will ever get to that extreme (and I hope not!), but if it's really making you feel uncomfortable and he's still pulling crap like that on duty, I'd report him.

lizzie said...

beakerz--yes, that is creepy. the smug smile certainly didn't help dispel the creepiness. luckily i had jesse with me.

sunchaser (multiple)--yes, this town does seem small sometimes. i think that whenever i run into someone i know on the metro. seems random to me. and i agree with you about the patheticness of picking up girls on your bus route. definitely not sound business practice.

golden silence--i am really curious to know the ramifications of your report. did the employee get reprimanded? written up? a bad review? the whole situation definitely makes me feel uncomfortable and this is definitely not the best excuse for inaction, but what if nothing happens? if a lot of metro employees are disrespectful towards women, is anything actually done about it?

Golden Silence said...

I sent the complaint via their comment site, and got a phone call recently. I'll call the woman back and give an update.

lizzie said...

GS--please keep me posted on this! i would love to know what happens next.